Research Areas

Air Quality

  • Tahoe Basin Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Deposition of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Particles
  • Local Versus Regional Transport of Air Pollutants
  • Tahoe Basin Air Quality: The Criteria Pollutants
  • Visibility in Lake Tahoe Basin
  • Air Pollutant Emission Inventories
  • Atmospheric Modeling of the Lake Tahoe Basin
  • Impact of Fire on Air Quality

Conceptual Framework for an Integrated Science Program

  • Monitoring
  • Research
  • Data Application
  • Adaptive Management
  • Science Plan Conceptual Models


  •  3-D Data Visualization

Ecology and Biodiversity

  • Old-Growth and Landscape Management
  • Fire and Fuels Management
  • Special Communities Management
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration
  • Urbanization
  • Recreation
  • Climate Change
  • Summary of Near-Term Research Priorities

Integrating Social Sciences and the Arts in Research Planning

  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Economics
  • Scenic Resources
  • Noise
  • Metathemes and Emerging Areas of Interest
  • Near-Term Social Science Research Priorities
  • Re-Photography

Soil Conservation

  • Key Soil Properties and Conditions
  • Development and Application of Predictive Models as Related to Soil Conservation
  • Effects of Climate Change as Related to Soil Conservation
  • Policy Implementation and Adaptive Management Strategies as Related to Soil Conservation
  • Near-Term Soil Conservation Research Priorities


  • Seismic Reflection Techniques
  • Seismic Instrumentation
  • 3-D Visualization

Water Quality

  • Data Collection, Research, and Modeling
  • Water Quality Conceptual Model
  • Lake Tahoe Water Clarity
  • Lake Tahoe Near-Shore Water Quality
  • Pollutant Loading From Urban Sources
  • Stream Channel Erosion
  • Water Quality Treatment
  • Upland Watershed Function—Hydrology and Water Quality
  • Water Quality and Forest Biomass Management Practices
  • Drinking Water Protection
  • Water Quality Modeling
  • Water Quality Research Priorities