Tahoe Science Consortium (TSC)

Founded in 2005, the Tahoe Science Consortium works to foster a greater level of collaboration among research organizations and resource management agencies working in the Tahoe Basin. The main goal is to promote science in support of the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the unique environmental values of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Participating organizations include the University of Nevada, Reno, Desert Research Institute, the University of California, Davis, U.S. Geological Survey and the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.
Primary functions:

  • Promote scientific advancement
  • Support adaptive management strategies and technical assistance
  • Promote independent peer review
  • Provide scientific consultation services

In 2010, the Tahoe Science Consortium hosted the fifth biennial Lake Tahoe Basin Science Conference. The conference brought together scientists from multiple agencies and around the basin to discuss current research, management practices and to develop lines of communication between students, scientists and managers.

The TSC produced An Integrated Science Plan for the Lake Tahoe Basin to identify current science information needs for the Lake Tahoe basin ecosystem. The main objectives of this plan are to describe a conceptual framework for an integrated science program and to develop research strategies addressing key uncertainties and information gaps in the areas of air quality, water quality, soil conservation, ecology and biodiversity, and social sciences. This plan is online at www.tahoescience.org.