Preserving Tahoe

University Research: Improving Life in Nevada

Public universities and research institutions work to create scientific knowledge and help us to understand the interrelationships among people, living organisms and their environment. In Nevada, the University of Nevada, Reno and Desert Research Institute have made a strong commitment to increase our understanding of the Tahoe Basin and its water resources, and are looking for ways to protect them into the future. Our two institutions serve Nevada and the entire Tahoe Basin constituency by providing expertise, knowledge and leadership in the areas of upland watershed and riparian management; nutrient and sediment transport; water and air quality; fire and climate; and the identification and control of both terrestrial (land-based) and aquatic (water-based) invasive species.

Sharing Knowledge and Working Together

In addition to activities like short courses, workshops, field tours and other programs, University of Nevada, Reno and DRI scientists often work directly with local and regional agencies. One important example is the Tahoe Science Consortium (TSC), which helps research institutions and resource management agencies work together to achieve common goals. The TSC promotes sound science in support of the preservation, restoration and enhancement of the unique environmental values of the Lake Tahoe Basin. The University of Nevada, Reno; Desert Research Institute; University of California, Davis; U.S. Geological Survey; and the part of the Tahoe Science Consortium. We face many challenges in protecting environmental resources like those in Lake Tahoe, but researchers at DRI and the University of Nevada, Reno are committed to the work they do. Science is essential and also exciting when it improves our quality of life and we can seethe results–helping to keep Tahoe blue!

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Preserving Tahoe, an illustrated map Preserving Tahoe: an illustrated map of university research at Lake Tahoe